About SMiRK

SMiRK Studio was forged from a need for relatable Caribbean representation in education and everyday communication. We’re fuelled by a passion for quirky illustration, a love of scintillating local culture and the unquenchable desire to tell our collective stories.

We believe that each of us has a story to share and with creativity and ingenuity, we could craft messages that resonate and reverberate.

SMiRK Work

We illustrate quirky things for cool people and organizations. Also, in an effort to empower storytellers, we take action and create the cute Trinbago-inspired resources we wish existed. In two twos (translation: very soon), you would be able to grab your favourites from our online store. Until then, have a gander at some of our favourite illustrations and items from these adventures.

What Our Clients Say...

Want a Piece of Us?

Do you have an exciting, creative project in mind that you think SMiRK could sprinkle some magic onto? Perhaps you're an educator (or parent) who is very intentional about your learner being reflected in the resources you use. Perhaps you’re a business owner who sees value in connecting with your intended customers on a visceral level. This is what we typically do…
We design and illustrate projects intended to inspire, edify and captivate young audiences. Posters, books, product packaging, character design; you name it, we can hook you up.
Are you looking to introduce basic illustration to a young audience? Are you a Penciljuggler at heart and want to take your drawing skills to the next level? Let's talk.
The Parlour
We have a lovely little parlour on Gumroad. Have you been? Go buy something cute or download goodies for free. There's a hototo more to come so keep checking in.

Get Quirky (The Blog)

Parents and caregivers, if you absolutely can't hear the phrase "I'm bored" one more time, then you're one of us. Don't fight it. Together, we'll find clever, creative ways to teach and tackle boredom.
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