An Open Invitation to Get Your Sanity Back

When the school day is over, the tiny humans wind down and wild out; ignoring all that was learned. They often punctuate the afternoon with sullen cries of “I’m bored” and “what ah go play with?” for unjustified reasons, of course.

We’ve found that a “no, you’re boring because you can’t think of anything to do” rebuttal isn’t nearly as effective as it ought to be.

In reply, we’ve derived a cheat sheet of sorts, the Anti-Boredom Bucket List. It boasts loads of activities that might delight the average school-child all while scoring some excitement (or rest) for the parent. Join us now and get the list!

On the blog, we try out each of the list items (in no particular order) and invite you to try them too. Become a Quirky Educator; no resumé necessary. We meet often in the breakroom for friends and fuel.

Ease meh up nah, please. The copyright belongs to SMiRKStudio.