An Open Invitation to Get Your Sanity Back

When the school day is over, the tiny humans wind down and wild out; ignoring all that was learned. They often punctuate the afternoon with sullen cries of “I’m bored” and “what ah go play with?” for unjustified reasons, of course.

We’ve found that a “no, you’re boring because you can’t think of anything to do” rebuttal isn’t nearly as effective as it ought to be.

In reply, we’ve derived a cheat sheet of sorts, the Anti-Boredom Bucket List. It boasts loads of activities that might delight the average school-child all while scoring some excitement (or rest) for the parent. Join us now and get the list!

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On the blog, we try out each of the list items (in no particular order) and invite you to try them too. Become a Quirky Educator; no resumé necessary. We meet often in the breakroom for friends and fuel.

Ease meh up nah, please. The copyright belongs to SMiRKStudio.