Staredown championships; this one is straightforward and as such, will not be a long post. Ahh the magic of quiet children whose whereabouts you know to a tee…this be the magic of a staredown challenge.


The rules are simple: two competitors look each other square in the eyes without looking away. The first person to break the stare loses and makes way for a new challenger to the throne.

Staredown Challenge Modifications

As with any game, the rules could be adjusted to make it easier or more difficult depending on your audience. You could throw in a “no blinking” or a “no talking” clause to crank things up a notch. To test the little ones, I sometimes challenge them to simultaneously “count in 2s” or “5s” or whatever.

Be sure to have a prize on hand for the winner. A snack, bragging rights, a paper crown or a merit badge; all make excellent motivators for victory.

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